Thursday, November 18, 2010

And On We Go...

Hello happy NaNoWriMoers. At least, I hope you're happy. How's the word count going? If you're in the US, are you already dreading the Thanksgiving break, trying to write around time with the family?

This week was big for me. Not only did I totally catch up, I am now ahead. As of Thursday night, I have 32,031 words. I hope to stay ahead so that I don't have to pull out all the stops when I get back from the holiday the last two days. Is it just me, or is Thanksgiving super late this year?

My story is going good, the pacing could be better, but that's not what's important for NaNo. I'm still enjoying the concept and getting to really know my characters so it's fun each and every day. It's the words down on the page, telling the story in a messy first draft. That's what the following months are for, to make it a GOOD manuscript.

If you're a little behind, don't worry. There is still time to catch up. It's possible. Believe me, I've done it. If you're having trouble concentrating, try to get out of the house to write. Whether you have a laptop, an Alphasmart or just the simple pen and paper, you would be shocked how much you can get done away from distractions.

I hope all of the US YAedgers have a great Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey, read lots of books and oh yeah, don't forget to write a few words, too!


Leona said...

Yes! That is so true! I loved watching tami go for 3k :D I told her she could do it LOL

I'm currently ahead of Nano, but behind my personal goal! I'm aiming for 70k (I did 64k last year on one manuscript plus others) this year but I seem to have more distractions!

Everyone gear up for Thanksgiving by writing a little extra before hand, and having a notebook handy for those awesomesauce ideas that one wait!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 32K.

Have a great holiday weekend.