Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to School

And just like that, my summer is over. I start back to work on Monday (I'm a school library technician). I had a productive summer, thanks to our YA Edge 1k-A-Day writing challenge, but it wasn't AS productive as I'd hoped. I'd intending on working on all three of my WIPs, and ended up sticking with revisions of Second Skin. (Granted, that's the one with the

I'll miss the trips to the lake to throw sticks for the dogs, the afternoon snoozes and binge movie watching. Willow, my yellow lab, won't always have me around to play "kill the yellow basketball, again". But I'm also (gasp!) ready to get out into the real world again. There's drama. Laughter. Conversations. Gossip. Danger (yes, library work is dangerous - books might fall on me or something, ya never Love. Pain. Old grudges. Envy. Hope. Greed.

The "real" world is where the stories are and without it, I'd have little to spark my creativity. Though the ultimate would be working part time so I'd have lots of opportunity to write and travel for authorly stuff, for now I'll enjoy the chaos of balancing writing and the day job. So bring on the alarm clock and bag lunches! Happy rest of the summer...I'm off to buy some coil notebooks and other fun school supplies.


Tami Klockau said...

Best part of back to school? SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Have a great first week back, Tracy!

Tracy Belsher said...

Thanks! The first day is done....always the hardest. ;) Smooth sailing from here.