Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, Hello 2010!

Happy New Year everyone! Wow, 2010. To be honest, parts of me feel like 2000 was forever ago, and other parts (maybe my fingers and toes?) feels like it was just yesterday. So much happened for me in the first decade of the 2000's. Some good (I graduated college, got engaged and married, bought a house, started taking writing seriously and my two nieces were born) and some bad (but we won't go into those).

As promised in my last post, I'm going to give my New Year resolutions like I did last year. Also promised in my post last week, I said I would tell you what I loved about each of my favorite books of 2009, but that will have to wait next week.

Before I get into my resolutions, I have exciting news! We hit 30 followers on YAedge this week. As promised, I am going to give a FREE book away to a random person who follows us every time we pass a new increment of 30. So, if you aren't the lucky random winner this time, we just need to get to 60 and you'll have another chance to win!

The book in play this time is:

I will pick the random winner Wednesday, January 7. Check back then to see if you are the lucky one! If you aren't following us yet, be sure to start now! I won't be picking the winner until Wednesday morning so you still have a chance.

Back to my New Year resolutions.
  1. Like everyone else seems to say, I need to get back in shape. But this time, I'm not joking. Seriously, I need to lose my vacation and holiday weight.
  2. Last year I read 71 books and hoped to read more in 2009. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I think it didn't help that in 2009 I worked full time throughout the whole year. My grand total for 2009: 56. I will say it again: in 2010 I hope to read more than I did in 2009.
  3. Last year I wanted to finish my WIP, Lost and Found. I did finish, as well as edit it. I even shopped it around, getting some interest. In fact, right now, I have a full out to an agency! This year, I'm going to say the same. I want to finish my current WIP (I currently have about 53,000 words and am close to the end), edit it and get it ready to send out to agents. Maybe 2010 will be the year I get an agent! One can hope, right?
  4. Be less stressed. I think we can all try and do that with our daily lives. I need to be like a duck in water. Just let everything roll off my back. I hope to be less serious and let more happiness into my life. This is easier said than done, but it can happen. I hope next year, in my year end post, I can say that number 4 from 2010 was accomplished.
  5. Save money. This past year (2009), I tried to put a little money away with each paycheck. The way the economy is in the US and even the world, you never know when you will be laid off or your company will faulter. I hope to do the same in 2010.
What are your New Year resolutions?


Anonymous said...

I hope to get in more reading 2010 as well. That book Liar looks interesting. I just bought Larbalestier's "How to Ditch Your Fairy" and look forward to reading it.

Tracy Belsher said...

Wowza, we're over 30! That's awesome.

Great resolutions you have there, Tam. I know you can do'm.

I also have high hopes - finishing Losing It, getting through Second Skin with only minor edits (one can dream)and more importantly, getting in's to 2010 and my skinny jeans. :)

Tami Klockau said...

Medeia, Liar is a good book! I really enjoyed how different it was. You'll like How to Ditch Your Fairy. It's a fun, quick read.

Thanks, Tracy! I have high hopes...2010 feels like it will be a good year.