Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Theme Party Tips

The main problem I see with Halloween parties is people try to do too much everything and the décor ends up looking like The Nightmare Before Christmas projectile vomited in your living room. Why not choose a specific ghoulish theme and really dig into a set genre? Once you do, you’ll be surprised at how a single idea can branch out in so many unexpected ways.

Take the latest theme party I attended, hosted by my most amazing friends. They’re particular, they love details, and they throw one hell of party. Our last theme night was all paranormalville (for details see my post as Judith Graves on the Wolfy Chicks Blog), this time, the party theme was magic. DISCLAMER: No offence intended to those who practice the craft – this was purely a night to celebrate magical stereotypes and popular culture.

Witchy Woman by the Eagles was playing in background as guests arrived. Tip #1. A theme soundtrack is a must!

Black cats, green-skinned witches, caldrons, brooms and wizard wands were scattered around the house. Bookcases were transformed into the shelves of a mystical apocothery and a library of magical spell books and grimoires. Tip #2: Stash your “non-theme” related stuff in a spare room so your Star Wars figurine collection doesn’t stifle the mood. Unless you’re having a SW theme party, of course. ;)

To dine, the menu featured: Dead Man’s Toes (chicken fingers), Bat Wings (chicken wings), Fungus Cubes (cheese cubes), Pickled Brains (pickled cauliflower), Entrails Dip (salsa for taco chips). For dessert: Death Brownies (lol…not magic brownies!) and Graveyard Grahams (graham square cookies with chocolate icing, a cookie tombstone and green-dye coconut grass). For more ideas on gravely good desserts go here, because they have pictures – and I can’t make a recipe work without pictures.

No party is complete without mood lighting and a few games. We played Harry Potter Scene It?, had a crazy-funny tarot card reading from Madame Esmeralda (we called her “Ezzy”), a little 5 in 10 (eg. Name 5 famous witches in 10 seconds), movie quotes from witchy/magical films (eg. “I’ll get you, my pretty! And your little dog, too.”) and my favourite game – name that tune (play the first 10 seconds of theme related songs: I Put a Spell on You, Bewitched TV theme song, Abracadabra, etc). Tip #3: Put a little effort into theme games, be creative and never try to bob for apples after a few sips of Essence of Dragon’s Blood brew.

Tip #4: This Halloween, have a zombie theme (the walking dead are all the rage this year), a twisted fairytale theme, a Rest in Peace – graveyard theme, a shapeshifter theme – but make your party one of legend – get focused. For added fun, check out the cool Halloween candy at The Candy Warehouse. The black candy selection looks hauntingly delicious. And now I think I have to get my hands on a copy of Saundra Mitchell's YA ghost story, Shadowed Summer. Looks like an awesome read!

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