Friday, August 21, 2009

Going Back in Style

This post isn’t about writing, but this time of year always makes me wish I was a teen again. Back to school time, though dreaded when I actually had to go back to school, brings back good and bad memories. I miss school supply shopping (okay, I still go to Target or Staples and stock up on pens, notebooks and Post-its because I can’t resist. Have you seen those awesome pencil books that are made from recycled plastic??? I WANT ONE!) and clothes shopping. I’ve been out of high school now for twelve years (wow, time flies) and as an adult I really don’t have anything in my life that is an excuse to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new wardrobe. I wish! I used to love to see the new fashion and pick out what I was going to wear the first day. Growing up in Southern California, the only problem was most of my school clothes were for winter- sweaters, pants, jackets- and it was still 90-100 degrees. So either you sucked it up, sweated through your day and worn the new stuff, or went with an outfit everyone had seen during summer. What a dilemma!

It was always exciting to see who grew taller, who hit puberty and who went from not interesting to hottie. You know the girl/guy I’m talking about. The one who you never looked at and then when he/she walked into the room on the first day of school you were like “Wow, who’s the new guy/girl?” only to realize it was just the guy/girl you barely knew existed the year before. Now, I’m not saying this like I was Miss Popular, I was anything but. Everyone, no matter what group you were a part of always had that one “who’s the new person?” moment.

Bringing the post back to what made me think about being a teen (besides everyone starting school) is my recent visits to the dentist. I don’t know how many of you had a retainer or braces when you were a teenager, but I’m sure quite a few of you had or have them now. I had a retainer for quite awhile which was the reason for my beautiful straight teeth until my wisdom teeth showed up on the scene. Unfortunately, my dentist didn’t want to pull them because I started to get my wisdom teeth at an early age (I think I was like 12 when they started to come in). He always said, “When you get older, you’ll have enough room for them. No worries.” Several years later, with my wisdom in place, my nice straight teeth were no longer. My front teeth were pushed out and one in particular stuck out more than the others. To be honest, they really aren’t that bad, but as an adult, it is one of the things that I hate about myself, always aware of my crooked teeth. I’m not sure why it bothers me so much, but teeth are one of the things that I notice the most when meeting someone, probably because I’m so aware of my imperfect smile.

Flash to a few months ago at the dentist. He asked me if I liked my teeth and I told him I wanted them straight but didn’t want to go through the awkwardness of having braces as an adult. I’m already too aware of my mouth/smile, I don’t need to be a metal mouth. I had flashbacks to all of my friends in the 80’s that had the whole contraption with the neck gear and rubber bands. No thank you!

Who knew that orthodontia had come such a long way since the 80’s! I’m now proud to say that I have Invisalign (wow, this sounds like a commercial. I swear they aren’t paying me for this! LOL) and my front teeth will be straight in as little as four months. You can barely tell I’m wearing anything and I can already tell the difference. Despite feeling like a kid again, lisping my way through words that have an s or th in them, I’m so stoked.

I guess this is a post to remind the adults that it’s never too late to fix the little things that drive you nuts, no matter how old you are! Sometimes it’s nice to relive those awkward times even if it’s to remind yourself that it is good to be an adult. As for the teens out there, try to live in the moment. As hard as school is and as mean as kids can be, trust me, you’ll miss those simple days when you get old. You may look back and thank your lucky stars for your straight teeth.


Leona said...

I love back to school time, too! I tend to buy way more supplies then my children need, simply because they're cheaper, lots of choices, er, no not really. I buy them because I LIKE them LOL. I have a junior in high school and a kindergartner. Lots of variety in supplies. Such a good excuse to look at everything!

Have fun :)


Tracy Belsher said...

Tami, you are so talking my in an elementary school library - we're already having parents and students touring the school (officially start next week). The kids look thrilled (okay, some of them look FAR from it) and the parents look shell-shocked. All the shopping, the newness that is September. I love it. ;)