Friday, June 5, 2009

Helpful Websites When Querying an Agent

It's always important to research everything pertaining to your book's subject when writing. So why stop the research when searching for an agent? I've put a list together of great websites to help writers in their query/agent process. I use all websites I've listed each and every day on my road to finding an agent. If you know of any other sites to add, please post them in the comments for all to see!

Absolute Write- The Absolute Write forums are awesome and the Bewares and Background Check portion is unmatchable. Not only can you find out agents/agencies' backgrounds, but you can also puruse fellow writers' posts regarding how long the wait times on queries/partials and fulls were for them. It's a great place to hang out and hear about the road to agents/publication for your peers. Very supportive crowd.

Preditors & Editors- If you've ever sent queries out into the world or you are thinking of starting the process, you need to have this site bookmarked. You can find a list of agents/agencies/publishers with their contact information and if they are recommended. If you are weary of an agent/agency, look no further than Preditors & Editors.

PublishersMarketplace- This is an invaluable site, but to reap all benefits, it's a $20 per month fee (you can find all member benefits listed on the site). That's not saying it's not worth it! You can find the latest and greatest news, reviews and deals, along with very informative articles. Search for agents to find all information about their recent sales and clients. They also have a Publishers Lunch email service that is free. If you can't afford the $20 a month, make sure to sign up for the slimmer, free version.

Agent Query- This site is where I start off making my list of agents to query. You can search by genre or keywords to bring up a list of agents. It is the largest database on the web. How can you go wrong?

Query Tracker- Query Tracker is a lot like Agent Query, except to benefit completely, you have to sign up for their services (it's free!). You can tracker which agents you've sent your query to, their response, etc. While you're there, check out the great blog and forums associated with the site.

Miss Snark's First Victim- I've talked about this site before. It's awesome! Writers can submit their work for critiques and contests. A secret agent reads through the entries (the requested material changes each month), commenting on each one. Everyone is welcome to comment, as long as they play nice. At the end of the month, the secret agent is revealed and the top selections are chosen and awarded.

Query Shark- Run by super-agent Janet Reid, Query Shark is a great place to not only read other writers' queries (and what they did wrong), but also submit your own! Can't beat an agent breaking your query down and pointing out what works and what doesn't!


Summer said...

Great post! I'm gonna bookmark this one. If I'm ever ready to query you have certainly given me a heads up. Thanks!

Tracy Belsher said...

Love this post, Tami - although it makes me want to query, query, query. But I guess you should have the book written first, right?


Tami Klockau said...

Thanks Summer! Good luck on your writing and getting to the query point. It's a time full of highs and lows, that's for sure!

Tracy, it will be sooner than you know! You have a book coming out! That's better than querying!