Friday, April 3, 2009

The Juggling Act

I’m in the middle (literally, I’m on chapter 14 out of 28) of editing Lost and Found, my current work in progress. I’m actually having a great time, excited about my changes and implementing my fab crit partners’ notes. Things are going good. I’m happy.

The creative part of my brain? Not so much.

I had an idea a few months ago for a new story, several actually. I wrote one-liners down for each one in my Moleskine and thought that was the end of it, at least for awhile. Unfortunately, one idea has been haunting the shower, at work, eating lunch. Plot points and dialogue will pop into my head at the worst of times. I write them down when I can, tuck my notebook away and go back to Lost and Found.

Originally, I told myself that I wouldn’t start a new book until my current WIP was ready for the query process. I wanted to give all of my attention to Lost and Found because I believe in it. Editing half the book, writing the query and synopsis, as well as getting feedback from friends is still in my future. Lost and Found is very much not there.

Now flash forward to the end of last week when I was innocently washing my hair (see? always the shower) and chapter one of the new idea (very different plot than Lost and Found) started to pour out of me like water from the faucet. I quickly rinsed off, wrapped the towel around me and bee lined to my notebook. As my hair dripped upon the pages streaking the fresh ink of my pen, the words flowed through me like I was possessed. Before I knew it, I was running late to work but, had most of the first chapter on paper.

I’m not sure what to do, so I'm asking for all of your help via the comments. Do I continue with my original plan and just focus on Lost and Found, or do I try to juggle both stories?


Paula said...

I say go with the story that haunts you. I'm not very good at juggling two stories at once, so my opinion is totally biased. But if Lost and Found is at the point where you're implementing suggestions and revs, than it's complete. Capture the other while the vapors are wafting.

JC Martin said...

I think you should juggle both stories. There are many who write more than one story at a time. One will hold you hostage today and the other will tomorrow. I myself have written two stories at one time and I never have a problem because the characters and story are so different I don't confuse them ever. Give it a try for a little while and if it doesn't work for you go back to your previous plan.

Kitty Keswick said...

Juggle away, my friend. As a writers when we hit the publish mark we have to juggle a lot. You'll be working on edits for one book, writing your proposal for another and maybe working on or marketing a third. So I say start the new one, it will give you a fresh view on L&F. The more practice you have at the juggling act the better you'll be at it.

Tami Klockau said...

Thanks everyone! Looks like I have to get to work. I have a lot of writing/editing to do! Now I just need to practice my juggling. :)

Tracy Belsher said...

I agree - juggle away - just refrain from using