Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Philosophy of the See Also

A thought occurred to me today. Life can be compared to the ultimate see also. In old school librarianship - we're talking card catalogues with author, title and subject headings entries - a see also cross-references subject headings. It directs the library patron to stuff he/she just might want to check out. Today we'd call them tags, I guess.

Say you’re looking up information on Homes – you may encounter a kindly [see also] Condominiums. A see also narrows the information retrieved from the original search, but it can tweak your interest in other directions. I think we meander through life, following the various see also’s along the way...and why not? There's lots to discover on this journey. [OMG - when did I start thinking like my mother???]

Which word appeals more to you?

or Unknown

I've come to the conclusion that life is one great see also after another, taking us down paths we never expected we'd have to navigate. But that's okay. Because otherwise - this would all be just a smidge too boring.

Doesn’t the crooked line capture the eye more than the straight?

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Tami Klockau said...

Very interesting post, Tracy! It got me thinking. Life throws many curves, some very unexpected, but we just go with the flow (or hope to). Something that may not seem like a good thing originally, an unknown, can be positive in the end.

Whenever I think of different paths of life, I always thinking of the movie Sliding Doors. Have you seen it?