Monday, February 2, 2009

Author Visit Number 1

Here’s a sequence shot of me proudly displaying my gift from the library for visiting the teen book club. My yellow lab, Willow, sniffed for quality control. The mug reads: Books with Bite @ your library.

I could blame the snowy, cold weather, or the girls basketball practice at the high school – but whatever the reason, I enjoyed my time hanging with the small but mighty group at my first author visit.

And so it was that I talked about writing vamp/were stories to two guys and their mother (Who, I think, also worked at the library.). Ah….teen book club author visit number one – how will I ever forget you?

Today was a gradual introduction to this new world of writer-on-the-road.

The world of technology glitches when showing booktrailers on a projected screen, which leads to momentary loss of the ability to breathe, only to resolve mysteriously in the nick of time.

The world of typing up a list of newbie writer resources (print and online) and photocopying 40 too many.

The world of singing a tune on your guitar and pausing half-way through to apologize for its “girlyness”.

So what if I didn’t really speak with anyone in my target audience? The most excellent hosting librarian, Tanya, took my list of resources and is going to purchase them for the library. And the guys’ mother is thinking about writing a book one day – so who knows…it’s all about planting seeds, right?

And – I also got one hell of a cool mug out the deal.


Tami Klockau said...

Awesome post, Tracy. It seems like your tale goes along with a lot of author's first! It sounds like you had fun, despite the small audience.

Did you get your book trailer for Under My Skin????

And yes...that cup ROCKS!

Tracy Belsher said...

You know, it was fun - the guys dug sarcasm. I showed the awesome trailer that is Freaksville (Kitty Keswick's book) and encouraged them to think about creating like masterpieces as a part time job (they were into 'puters).

Ha! Now you have cup envy!