Monday, January 5, 2009


I decided to plug a few of the titles currently on my TBR shelf or on my can’t-wait-to-read list. Okay – here we go. (Warning, I read a ton of YA paranormal stuff.)

TBR List Trailers:

Parties and Potions by Sarah Mlynowski. This was the winner at the 2008 Teen Book Video Awards. This award goes to student filmmakers who create trailers for upcoming books.

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong – there was a trailer for this on Youtube but it had no backing music ?? so I wasn’t sure if it was the official trailer and didn’t post it, but there is a cute site for the main character:

Soulless by Christopher Golden - gotta love those zombies.

Love, Meg by C. Leigh Purtill – hey it’s not paranormal!

Can’t Wait to Read’m Trailers:

Evermore by Alyson Noel - looks magical.

Freaksville by Kitty Keswick - coming soon from The Wild Rose Press. I'm currently reading the galleys and loving it.

Got any awesome trailers we should be watching?


Little Willow said...

The P&P trailer is adorable! Such a fun series.

Soulless by Christopher Golden is FANTASTIC. You must read it!

Tracy Belsher said...

Hey Little Willow - I agree. Bras & Broomsticks was a hoot.

Soulless - yes, this is near the top of my pile. "The dead travel fast" - just grabs ya, you know?

HeatherMarie said...

I got The Summoning for Christmas. I love Kelley Armstrong and I can't wait to start reading it. :)

Tracy Belsher said...

HeatherMarie - I'm about half way through The Summoning and it's very cool - the little prologue was awesome.

Tami Klockau said...

Ooo, now you both want me to run out and get The Summoning! LOL, must resist shopping...