Friday, October 24, 2008

The Soundtrack of My Life

Time: 7:00AM (Well, not really. I'm cheating. That's when I set blogger to post this entry)

Music: Eels

Currently eating: Peanut Butter crackers

Music has a huge influence on me to the point where I can’t imagine living without it. Music is everywhere. Memories from my childhood/teen years are based on the songs playing in the background during a certain moment or a popular album/song during a part of my life. When I hear Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill for example, I think of learning to drive, getting my first car and working at the local ice skating rink. I thought life was so hard and Alanis’s voice rang out to my group of friends, agreeing with us. Man, did I have it wrong. Even though I wouldn’t volunteer to be 16 again, life was pretty simple back then.

Music has a huge influence on my writing as well. Not only is my main character, Pence in a band playing bass, he also has an incredible music database in his head. He’s able to pick out a Jonas Brothers song just by the bop of two teens’ heads, their dance moves and lip syncing. He doesn’t even like the Jonas Brothers. Weaving in songs, music and band references (thanks Tracy for being my band/music guru!) helps to ground the story and character to the world.

When I start to write a story, I glom onto an artist or album. At the beginning of my research and even when I sit down to write the story, I listen to the band/artist repeatedly. This usually leads to my best writing days, which in turn makes me listen to their music more. Right now, while writing Lost and Found, I’ve been stuck on the Eels. Most of the Eels library of music helps me get into the groove (I currently have 4 Eels albums), but it’s Electro-Shock Blues that really does the trick. For me, this album IS Pence. I cannot write in Pence’s POV without listening to the album, at least I’ve convinced myself of that.

I’ve included my work-in-progress playlist for Lost and Found. Have fun listening to it and maybe you'll find a song that inspires you!

So, what music gets you in the writing mood?

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Tracy Belsher said...

Nice post Tami. I agree music ~is~ mood and author playlists are fascinating extensions of the story. AND readers get exposed to different artists - you introduced me to Death Cab for Cutie, for example. I'm eternally grateful!

I'll be listening to Lost and Found: The Album. :) Thanks for posting it.